Eximgth has helped over 2.5 million salespeople from around the world achieve outstanding results. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining Club Eximgth.

What type of course do I need?

Some people will know exactly what course they need, perhaps based on their job title or Business requirements. For example, Export Import Training, Business expansion overseas or Online Business. Other people may not have a specific need and will prefer to add more skills in their account. Have a look through our courses, and see which you feel most meets your needs and then ring us on 8103115335 or send your details through the website, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

How do I book a course?

Once you have found the type of course you want, simply ring us on 8103115335 or send your inquiry through website and we will discuss your exact requirements with you.

What are the advantages of Joining Export Import Training Program?

By having this course you can start your own work as Export Import Consultant, get a high profile job in MNC companies, Expand your own business overseas.

What are benefits of joining GTH

By joining GTH you can get complete practical exposure in the live working environment, which will provide you confidence to start exporting and Importing immediately after the completion of the course. And GTH will help you afterwards the completion of the course by providing you free consultancy for 1 year.
Why not ring us on 8103115335 or send your inquiry through website

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