Three Days Workshop in Export Import Management

3 days’ Workshopin Export Import Management:-

Know the “Current Scenario of Import / Export Industry in 2022,” this structured updates which you won’t find easily anywhere online, which help you to kick start your export business fast.

  • Learn 100 % practical knowledge of how & where you can export your products.
  • Multiple Growth tricks for export import business
  • Central Finance Support 1lakh to 10 lakh
  • Export Government Incentives
  • Top 10 Buyer Country
  • Government Export support Incentives
  • How to Become International Business Man
  • Export Documentations
  • Right Product Selection according to Country.
  • Right CHA
  • Export Import Company Formation and Licencing
  • Key role Of Logistics & shipping in Export Import
  • Digital Marketing Role In Export import
  • Top Ways To Find Genuine Buyers
  • Documentation for Export Import Procedures.
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