Program in Online Marketing & E-Commerce Management

Sell on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm & other marketplaces – Learn how!
OPPORTUNITES in the Sector:
  • The lucrative e-commerce industry grew from Rs 22,400 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 33,400 cr. in 2014-15. 49% growth in just ONE YEAR. By 2020, the industry is predicted to value Rs 50,400 cr.
  • Last year many offline businesses turned to online retail and popular marketplaces like Flipkart, and Amazon has become the new shopping malls of the online world. Did you know there are 50,000- 2,00,000 e-commerce merchants on these online marketplaces currently?
  • Do you want to be the next? Don’t get left behind, join the e-commerce wave to multiply profits and carve your success story!

Ecommerce Program – Overview:

Ecommerce is an information-heavy business and products sell better with better product information. How do you decide and provide the right information? How do you decide on stock? Marketplaces have different paperwork; how do you handle this right?

Do you know you need to be aware of so many things for efficient e-commerce operation – photography guidelines, creating online catalogs, listing fees, marketplace commission structure and the penalty for order cancellations or SLA breaches, courier charges, seller ratings, CPC campaigns and so on?

Online selling is not easy, but we have made it easier for you with our Ecommerce Program.

Program Details:

Learn how to start your ecommerce business with International Online Seller’s Ecommerce Program. We have designed it specially to guide you through everything you need to know about starting your own ecommerce business with actionable insights, steps and contacts to help you get started.

For Whom

This e-commerce workshop is ideal for the following people who want to expand their reach and go national:

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Brands
  • Importers
  • Exporters

Ecommerce enthusiasts are welcome too!

  • Practical understanding Case Studies + Sharing Practical Experience from Concern Expert
  • To Start Your Own Online E Commerce Business or May Work as Online Marketing/Amazon Consultant
  • Earn Money with Affiliate market without anything to sell on E commerce Platform
  • Opportunity to know Amazon Secrete which you wouldn’t  able to get anywhere
  1. Sessions
    • Practical Sessions By Amazon Experts, covering all aspects of ONLINE E COMMERCE PLATFORM –
      • Each of 3 to 4 Hours
  2. During Session – Exclusive Material
    • Handbook of Procedures and Documents
    • Lifetime Resourceful Websites detail and Important links
    • Eximgth Notepad
  3. Post Session Support
    • Participant will have facility to attend the session, Repeat or missed (only till next batch)
    • Latest updates on Online E Commerce Business
    • Lifetime helpdesk for Amazon/Flipcart/Paytm queries

Brief Content of START UP Program

  • What is B2C?
  • List of B2C Websites
  • Domestic &International B2C Market Place
  • International Bodies, EXIM Cycle
  • What is Current & Future Scenario?
  • Amazon Video
  • Company Introduction
  • Case Studies
  • Success Story Video
Registration (Online Store Registration) (Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm ) (
  • Requirements of Registration
  • Type of Country : India & USA
  • Documents : India & USA
  • Bank Account – Credit Card
  • Registration Requirement (Free & Pay)
  • GST / Taxation /Trade Mark
Product Selection & Research, Market Selection and Research and Importance of Exhibition Visits
  • Product Selection
  • Demand /Supply / Quality/ Price / Margin
  • Market Selection
  • Product Knowledge
  • Top Selling Products
  • Hot Selling Products
  • How to Find New Product
  • Market Research
  • Local Market (India)
  • International Market (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Creating catalogs of your products
  • People you need to hire to run operations
  • SKU coding of products & working with inventory control
  • Ecommerce ready photography of products
NEW & OLD Product Online Listings
  • List your product with ethical way.
  • Types Of Listing
  • Listing Requirements
  • How to get Keywords for your product
  • UPC Barcode & EN Code generate for New Product Listing
Shipping Strategy + Costing + Prizing (Easy Ship, Self Shipment and Full Filament by Amazon (FBA)
  • Detail knowledge about each Shipment
  • How to calculate shipment charges
  • Add shipment charges in your product
  • Adjust a profit Margin threw Shipment
  • Shipping Strategy/ Packaging
  • Export Document (AWB no, Packaging, Invoice, Test Certificate Report)
  • How to deal with currier Company (DHL, FedEx, UPS)
  • Sell your Product by See, By Air
  • Free Warehouse (3 Month)/ Warehouse Charges (Link Add)
Payment Schedule
  • How to Make Payment Getaway
  • Procedure of Amazon Payment  System
  • Payment Capture
  • How to refund a Payment
  • Return Policies
Website Development and Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ecommerce website
  • Google local business Listing
  • DBMS software demo
  • What is Online Marketing?
  • Event, Deals , Ad word, SMO, Product Visibility Optimization
  • How to Work with Social Media Promotion / Paid Promotion
  • What is Affiliate Market
  • Email Marketing/ Bulk Email Images/ Bulk Messaging
  • How to work with local Search engines
Government Benefits & Import Documentation for
  • Government of India’s Policy on Export Incentive
  • Foreign Trade Policy & Export Incentive Schemes
  • Brief about Import & Opportunities in Import
  • Import Documentation/ Import Process
  • Switch bill of lading
Performance Enhancement
  • How to generate Reviews
  • How to Maintain stock/Inventory
  • Provide knowledge about many other website which help me to handle All account at 1 place .
  • Maintain your Amazon Seles Invoice
  • How to work with deal of Amazon
  • What are the return Policies

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